Charity Ecstatic - Dr. Lauren Steals Her Own Show
Saturday, 31 October 2009 08:06

I kept coming across posters, internet postings, a couple of radio announcements and I decided to see who or what the positive fuss was about – other than someone considered  “top of the line” having generously agreed to star in a benefit for those living with the serious monster that is pancreatic cancer. So, I looked up and around for information on “Dr. Lauren” (Kennedy-Smith – seems she has a few imitators) and became curious. This woman could not possibly be as “democratically humorous” as her promotion claimed her to be.  Well, let me be the first to say it – this down-deep academic and hands-on trauma specialist is the funniest Canadian on the current more than slightly  (or more than normally) arid scene.

add_to_orion_post_Halt_the_Insanity_001The program provided a bit of an out. Dr. Lauren had been traveling, she had a serious knee injury, and was (as she described it) “brain dead with sleep deprivation”.  May we all be so handicapped. I cannot remember the last time I laughed continuously through an almost two hour show, one that I could take my wife and son to at that. Having come on stage, straight from an all-night, all-day flight, Dr. Lauren not only danced, made informative mock of the inanities of everyday life, but she also, inadvertently taught. My adolescent son whose interests fall between girls and video games had post-show questions (actually directed at his parents) about relationships, life at work, ethics, marriage, politics and so on. But I speak of my (and my wife’s) personal glee. The audience went wild. It slurped up the acting, the information, the rapport with individuals and the theatre as a whole, like scavengers for the things of human mental and emotional relief and release.add_to_orion_post_Halt_the_Insanity_002

014cAdlibbed (for the most part) as she told me later in a short (and fun as “heck”) interview, she is a superb Canadian talent, rapidly being pulled (and paid) south of the Canadian border.  Surprised? Humorous Canadians are our greatest export. Perhaps that’s why the audience was so hungry for brilliant humour, bereft of obscenities, and successfully and warmly integrating of a disparate group of people on a damp fall night.

I wish I could turn her on once a week or so and “get the feeling” I was left with. I wish my son and wife could watch and listen and laugh with me again, as a family, and have a spontaneous discussion over pizza.

Why can’t I?  What is wrong with this country I adopted through marriage?  What do New York and L.A. producers and agents “see-grab” that “We” or our entertainment professionals do not? Or, Canada being Canada, are they looking at all?  If our partly government controlled entertainment industry was a serious contender, i.e., seriously into product and profits, talent and terrific programming, Dr. Lauren would be a household name.

She is in mine.

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