Better World Initiatives and The Global "US" Project
Wednesday, 22 December 2010 08:59

"Touching one heart, one life at a time."  

Though the GUP (Global “US” Project) is a year-long, year-round, minute-to-minute project, the holiday seasons and celebrations related to all religions intensify the needs of the less fortunate, the lonely and the infirm. Furthermore, even though the Project’s nondenominational credo is to administer to each other mindfully and with kindness – in all human environments, situations and circumstances – this “holiday season”..., thousands of people and souls have been touched in over a hundred downtown cores. From Halifax to Toronto to Boston and New York, food and clothing is being delivered, daily, to the homeless amid the winter cold. Thank you to those who have donated, delivered and spent time with the disenfranchised among us. Most importantly, thank you for the contagious behavior, for the radiating example you are setting for those around you.

“Now” is long past. If we are to continue breathing, let alone learning to share resources on this planet, we have to get that, as a human community, we are going downhill fast. Massive global inequities, global warming and seriously diminishing life-sustaining resources aside, we are a species dying of a collective broken heart.

The Global Us Project Logo

We don’t need to start, directly, with the BIG issues that the majority of us cannot influence. Modern physics, in particular, quantum physics has shown us that every kind thought, let alone each and every kind action, affects not only the thinker and actor in a positive way, but also those around him. What some eastern religions have taught for hundreds of years, scientists can now prove. We constantly affect our “surround”, and the effect is both local, beside or near us, and global, further than we can see or even contemplate. This translates into the definitive proof that we, as a species, are mutually affected organisms, elements of a composite “US”. With this science available to us, teachable and easily applicable to each of us and to all our various environments, we can transcend cultural pathologies and act as if we are united. Science has also shown that if we can imagine and then feel as if others feel the needs, hurts, fears and losses that we do, and if we persist with this feeling, it will become an actionable belief. All that is required of us is thought, some imagination and the will to do it, to act. Doing more is great – if you have the time or the money to do so. Doing less, however, is a decisive move against US all.

Dr. Lauren is (also) an interfaith minister, founder of Voices for International Alliances and the Global “US” Project. Her books and other coming products are sold under the banner of Better World Initiatives. To start an "US" Project in your community, school or corporation, email Dr. Lauren at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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