This week: Egypt
Sunday, 30 January 2011 17:16

539wMissing the Message in the Age of “Easy Listening”:

Most North Americans with even one diluted degree are attached to their plasma TVs this weekend watching the veritable revolution in Egypt. From Cairo to Alexandria, the drama and danger build by the hour, with no solution in sight. With tanks poised, looting on the rise, and a resolute, angry but remarkably peaceful population in the streets demanding change, we and our “leaders” must be modest in our expectations.

It is important to note, however, what key factors brought this “sudden” uprising to the point of the perennial historic burst. The ingredients are as follows:
  • A young educated population can not find jobs;
  • Close-to-middle-aged citizens are losing jobs and retirement income en masse;
  • Citizens aged 16 to 50 plus are communicating about inequalities to the rest of the world via social networks;
  • Information about where and how wealth is centered and controlled is communicated in the same way;
  • More people are becoming poor, and the poor have grown poorer by the week;
  • Taxation, as it is, is a burden carried by the most modest of earners.
  • Wealth is concentrated in the top .01% of the population (the percentage of the population that supported the U.S.-supported dictator);
  • Over 40 billion dollars a year is handed over by the U.S. to Egypt every year to keep the now spurned and hiding dictator in power;
  • From day one, the “democratic dictator” failed to show even an illusion of kindness, care, empathy for the citizenry – something that has gone a long and sustaining way in other dictatorships throughout history;
  • The tipping points - concentrated wealth, contempt for the majority, glaring disinterest in citizen input or participation in government (or the illusion thereof) and manipulation of markets, currency, and the pricing of commodities – would have broken the spines of the Gods, let alone families trying to live in relative comfort.

Note again the ingredients. The Fed has. So has the Bank of Canada (headed by a senior manager from Goldman Sachs, a Wall St. participant in the ongoing, near-collapse of the global financial system, reimbursed [for sheer greed] by printed U.S. dollars), and both synonymous North American governments. Though the Egyptian population has been unprecedentedly peaceful (unlike the burdened population of Tunisia), start, if you haven’t already, thinking of another way, a better way – if there is one. Historic North American mechanisms to ensure a gropingly hypnotized population are extraordinarily powerful and they have been extraordinarily effective. Until now.

Times have changed – and continue to.

Photo: Khaled Desouki/ AFP/ Getty Images

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