Canadians "Too Nice" To Riot?
Tuesday, 21 June 2011 00:00

(A colleague drove me to distraction in order to force me to write this short piece)                             

Canadians made many unnecessary excuses when ticked-off Canuck fans went berserk after Vancouver’s loss of the Stanley Cup.  One would have to assume that most Canadians still consider themselves and their “countrymen” to be better human beings than, well, everyone except extra-terrestrials, who aren’t, in fariots-burn-wire_1287535cl-3ct, human beings at all. My response to this age-old assumption, even self-righteousness among Canadians, has always been succinct. Bull-pucks! More to the point, however,or more aligned with the times, Canadians are just as frightened, have suffered as much financial trauma, and are just as worried about all aspects of their security as are the populations in other western countries. Give an otherwise suppressed pack of hockey fans a chance to blow off steam by smashing windows, burning overturned cars, and provoking robo-cops dressed for a nuclear disaster and they’re going to blow. Or, stop suppressing.  In fact, I would submit, Canadians are angrier than their American neighbors but have remained blind, deaf and dumb about their possible outlets. What quasi-outlets they do have, they use with impunity. Road rage in Canada is over-the-top. We just don’t have guns to prove how much we want to hurt the guy who speeds up – that is, tries to “kill” us - when we politely signal to change a lane before it disappears and we end up smashing into a cement wall.  In short, we promote our civility and hide our homicidal tendencies. 


As the discussion about health care continues at the worse time possible in the United States, Canadians remain silently proud – at least those who are healthy and who have not lost a much-too-young-to-die loved one.  Has anyone noticed that although France, Germany, England, the Scandinavian countries and others are referenced by those wanting to establish viable health care in the U.S., Canada’s “system” is ever-absent from the discussion. The reason? It resembles what someone described the Republican’s approach to health care to be.

Don’t get sick.

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