Silence as Truth
Monday, 04 April 2011 21:13

Chatting our way to...

This blog has been silent since March 11, 2011, the day the earthquake and tsunami ravaged Japan, and set off the catastrophic events at the coastal nuclear reactors that will ever-affect life on this planet.Japan-Nuclear

The unending, unfixable global human disaster began while populations in North Africa and the Middle East were being either slaughtered or otherwise defeated, wondering to what degree the so-called coalition forces could, or more to the point in an American election cycle, would help. None of the choices have been or will be easy – right or wrong – but neither have the decisions been made honestly. Nor do they represent what is and will continue to be contributed, and by whom. Half, quarter and misrepresented actions tend to attenuate conflicts and smother truth.

It has, therefore, been a period during which, even as a writer and accredited student of political theory and science, I have had nothing to add to the ongoing parlance, the cant that treats potentially planet-destroying events like just another Olympic games – with a body count.

With so many gods involved, and none, and with only dauntingly self-serving leadership on all and varied sides, this has become the human path. Free will in a zoo without borders, boundaries or the loving and benevolent care of masters of higher intelligence.

If this is our fate, the fate of our children, we have handed it to ourselves – chatting in breathless denial all the way, through each stage and challenge, and to an unthinkable end.


Photo: Tokyo Electric Power Company via AP



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