Anderson Cooper 360
Anderson Cooper 360
  • Ukraine crisis takes a troubling turn
    Secretary of State John Kerry was in Geneva today for a meeting with his Ukrainian counterpart. They issued a joint statement calling for a de-escalation of tensions. It comes as a leaflet distributed outside a Ukrainian synagogue orders Jews to register with the government. Nick Paton Walsh has the latest...

  • Looking for wreckage in an ocean full of garbage
    Planes are searching from the air looking for any signs of wreckage from Flight 370. So far plenty of debris has been spotted, but none of it is from the missing plane. The search zone is in area known as one of the world's biggest floating junkyards. Randi Kaye takes...

  • How submarines pick up debris from the ocean floor
    If Flight 370 is spotted in the depths of the Indian Ocean, high tech submarines will likely be sent in to retrieve it. David Mattingly is in Horseshoe Bay in British Columbia for a first-hand look at how a submarine's claw can pick up objects.
  • What is it like to be at the controls of a massive ferry?
    The South Korean ferry is nearly than 500 feet long, 72 feet wide and weighs 6,825 tons. What is it like to try to control a ship like that? Randi Kaye visited a ship simulator.

  • Rescuers battle elements to reach capsized ship's passengers
    There are hundreds of divers working to reach passengers trapped inside the capsized South Korean ferry. They are battling rough weather and cold water during 12-hour shifts. There are 276 people who are still missing. Loved ones are praying air pockets inside the ship are keeping them alive. Kyung Lah...